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Johan Woxenius


Department of Business
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 610
40530 Göteborg

About Johan Woxenius

Johan Woxenius is professor of Maritime Transport Management and Logistics at University of Gothenburg since 2008. He received the degrees of M.Sc. (Industrial engineering), PhD and associate professor/docent at Chalmers University of Technology. His main research field is maritime and intermodal freight transport and the research covers sustainability, industrial organisation, production systems, traffic designs and information systems. Increasingly, he engages in urban freight research. He teaches two courses on shipping in the M.Sc. in Logistics and Transport Management.

He leads the university’s part of the maritime research and education programme Lighthouse, the logistics research centre Northern LEAD and the Area of Advance Transport, all run together with Chalmers University of Technology.

Johan Woxenius is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, on the scientific advisory boards of research funding organisations, editorial boards of journals and he frequently serves the European Commission as evaluator of proposals and on-going projects. He is also member of the Scientific Committee of the World Conference on Transport Research Society, DB Schenker’s strategic advisory board and of CLOSER.

He has published in Computers in Industry, European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, European Transport, Growth & Change, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, Journal of Transport Geography, Journal of Transportation Planning and Technology, Logistik-Management, Research in Transportation Business and Management, Research in Transportation Economics, Transport, Transport Reviews, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment and World Review of IntermodalTransportation Research.

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Research areas

  • Maritime transport
  • Intermodal freight transport
  • Transport system sustainability
  • City logistics
  • Logistics

Teaching areas

  • Shipping
  • Intermodal freight transport
  • Logistics

Selected publications

Development of Small-Scale Intermodal Freight Transportation in a Systems Context
Woxenius, Johan
Doktorsavhandlingar vid Chalmers tekniska högskola. Ny serie, \, Rapport - Chalmers tekniska högskola, Institutionen för transportteknik, \, 1998

The dry port concept: connecting container seaports with the hinterland
Roso, Violeta, Woxenius, Johan, Lumsden, Kenth
Journal of Transport Geography, 17:5, s. 338-345, 2009

A generic framework for transport network designs: applications and treatment in intermodal freight transport literature
Woxenius, Johan
Transport Reviews, 27:6, s. 733-749, 2007

Flexibility vs. specialisation in ro-ro shipping in the South Baltic Sea
Woxenius, Johan
Transport, 27:3, s. 250-262, 2012

Utilising more of the loading space in intermodal line trains – measures and decision support
Woxenius, Johan, Persson, Jan A., Davidsson, Paul
Computers in industry, 64:2, s. 146-154, 2013