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Doctoral student looks at seaweed.
Kristoffer Stedt is a PhD student in marine science and interested in optimizing land-based seaweed cultivations to produce seaweeds with high protein content.
Photo: Sophie Steinhagen

Our Doctoral Students

The Department for Marine Sciences has doctoral students in the natural sciences with marine specialisation. The doctoral students are located at either the Botany Building in Gothenburg, Kristineberg Center for Marine Research and Innovation, or Tjärnö Marine Laboratory.

Marine Biology

Lara Beckmann

Supervisor: Rhian Waller
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Doris Björling

My PhD project, HYDROINS, funded by the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative (SLU), will bring attention to Hydrozoa through an inventory of Anthoathecata, one of two large orders in the class.
Supervisor: Thomas Dahlgren
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Benedikt Brunner

Supervisor: Lars Gamfeldt
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Simon Henriksson

I'm part of a project that investigates reproductive isolation between different cod "ecotypes" - cod populations that are genetically adapted to different environments and life histories. Supervisor: Rebekah Oomen
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Luisa Kumpitsch

Supervisor: Erica Leder
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Gabriella Malmqvist

Supervisor: Erica Leder
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Diego Moreno Moran

Supervisor: Rhian Waller
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Samuel Morsbach

Modelling states and impacts in marine ecosystems under climate change: supporting a sustainable blue economy through multi-sector governance.
Supervisor: Mats Lindegarth

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James Reeve

I am PhD-student in marine evolutionary biology. I'm studying inverted segments of the common periwinkle (Littorina saxatilis) genome, for their possible role in creating new species. My research involves field work, DNA analysis and theoretical simulations.
Supervisor: Kerstin Johannesson.
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Stefanie Ries

Supervisor: Marlene Jahnke.
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Chloé Robert

Supervisor: Pierre de Wit.
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Marine Geology

Phoebe O'Brien

Supervisor: Irina Polovodova Asteman.
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Marine Sciences

Alex Cabral Dos Santos

I am interested in the biogeochemical processes of coastal and oceanic ecosystems and how they function under natural and anthropogenic conditions.
Supervisor: Isaac Santos.
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Lok Shan Cheung

Supervisor: Stefano Bonaglia
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Youk Greeve

Supervisor: Mats Lindegart.
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Adele Maciute

I am highly interested in the ecology of the most abundant, diverse and yet vastly understudied aquatic organisms collectively termed as meiofauna. Thus, the goal of my PhD project is to investigate and quantify the contribution of these ubiquitous organisms to marine sediment functioning, namely nutrient cycling and benthic metabolism.
Supervisor: Stefano Bonaglia.
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Milad Pourdanandeh

I'm a PhD-student in marine chemical ecology within the Signals in the Sea research group, with Erik Selander as main supervisor. I'm interested in general zooplankton-phytoplankton interactions but I primarily study induced phytoplankton defencive traits when exposed to chemical cues from copepods.
Supervisor: Erik Selander.
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Johan Severinson

Supervisor: Per Moksnes
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Aprajita Singh Tomer

Supervisor: Isaac Santos
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Kristoffer Stedt

In my PhD-thesis I am interested in optimizing land-based seaweed cultivations to produce seaweeds with high protein content and high biomass growth.
Supervisor: Henrik Pavia.
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Nimal Sudhan Saravana Prabahar

Supervisor: Göran Broström.
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Yu Yan Yau

Supervisor: Isaac Santos.
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Natural Sciences

James Hagan

Supervisor: Lars Gamfeldt
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Romain Canelli

Supervisor: Fabien Roquet.
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Johan Edholm

Supervisor: Marcel du Plessis
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Estel Font Félez
Supervisor: Bastien Queste
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Birte Gülk

Supervisor: Fabien Roquet.
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Theo Spira

Supervisor: Sebastiaan Swart
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Stina Wahlgren

Supervisor: Anna Wåhlin
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