University of Gothenburg
Waves and a sandy beach.
The ocean is an integral component of the weather and climate system and is currently experiencing rapid changes as the impact of anthropogenic activities on the climate increases.


Marine Physics – or Physical Oceanography – is the Earth science concerned with the description of the physical state of the ocean. This includes the study of physical processes controlling the motion and properties of ocean waters and the influence of the ocean on the atmosphere and the climate.

At the Department of Marine Sciences, world-class research is being made to further our knowledge and understanding of how the global ocean operates and how it varies on different time and spatial scales, from the smallest turbulent eddies to the world ocean circulation.

The Department offers one of the most comprehensive environment in Europe to carry out research in Physical Oceanography, with access to marine infrastructures such as the state-of-the-art R/V Skagerak, and the research station Kristineberg Center for marine research and innovation.



Göran Broström, Professor

Fabien Roquet, Professor

Sebastiaan Swart, Professor

Anna Wåhlin, Professor


Louise Biddle, Researcher

Göran Björk, Professor Emeritus

Marcel Du Plessis, Researcher

Johan Edholm, Research Assistant

Sam Fredriksson, Researcher

Torsten Linders, Project Coordinator

Bastien Queste, Assistant Senior Lecturer

Anders Stigebrandt, Researcher

Anders Omstedt, Professor Emeritus