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Department of marine sciences

Cultivation of seaweed in the sea.

The Department of Marine Sciences is Sweden’s most complete environment for marine research and marine education, and is one of only a few such organisations in Europe.

With broad and cutting-edge expertise, and access to unique marine infrastructure such as research vessels and field stations, the Department of Marine Sciences enjoys excellent conditions for addressing the challenges of the future within marine research, marine education, and marine innovation.

Study here

The University of Gothenburg is the leading university in Sweden for studies in the marine sciences. It's also the only university that offers marine science courses in biology and chemistry, as well as in geology and oceanography.

Work here

Here you can find vacancies at the University of Gothenburg that are related to the ocean, such as research assistants, or PhD positions.

Our Research

The Department of Marine Sciences brings together research within oceanography, geology, chemistry, biology, and preservation of marine cultural heritage. We have a number of nationally unique research fields, and participate in international expeditions.

Doctoral studies

As a doctoral student at the Department for Marine Sciences you will be a part of the Natural Sciences environment at the University of Gothenburg. The Marine Infrastructure enables research at the highest international level.

Cooperation and Outreach

The Department of Marine Sciences is an important node in a complete network of marine research, education, and innovation. We have cooperation partners within the academy, authorities, organisations, and industry.

About us

The Department of Marine Sciences' vision is to be a national leader and to carry out activities of the highest international class within the field of marine sciences.