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Professor and polar researcher Anna Wåhlin.
Anna Wåhlin, professor in oceanography, has found that the Antarctic glacier ice walls are vital for the climate, as they prevent rising ocean temperatures and melting glacier ice.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Our Research

The Department of Marine Sciences brings together research within Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Oceanography, and Preservation of Marine Cultural Heritage.

We have research both within single subjects, and within larger trans-disciplinary research areas. We have nationally unique research projects, and participate in international research expeditions. Our ultra-modern marine infrastructure gives us unique access to technology, laboratories and instruments that permit research at the highest international level.

Our Research Subjects

We have research within Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry, Marine Geology, Oceanography, and Preservation of Marine Cultural Heritage.

Our Research Areas

We have a number of nationally unique research areas. We also have larger trans-disciplinary research projects, both national and international.

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