University of Gothenburg
Marine chemical signals.
Photo: Erik Selander

Research Subjects

The Department of Marine Sciences brings together research focuses within Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry, Marine Geology, Oceanography, and Conservation of Marine Cultural Heritage.

Marine Biology

In Marine Biology we study living things in the oceans and other saltwater environments such as estuaries, wetlands and shores. We study patterns and processes both within and among individuals, as well as life’s interactions with the environment. We take great interest in biological evolution in the sea.

Marine Chemistry

In Marine Chemistry, we study the properties, composition, and structure of elements, ions and compounds in the ocean. This involves studying the structural and compositional transformations as well as energy transformations.

Marine Geology

In Marine Geology, we study the sediments on the ocean floor—in the deep ocean and in the coastal zone with its fjords and bays. We examine the results of the physical, chemical and biological processes that have formed the sediments.

Preservation of Marine Cultural Heritage

In Preservation of Marine Cultural Heritage we study shipwrecks. Together with other wooden archaeological remains, they are incorporated in the marine carbon cycle where wood material are totally decomposed by biological, physical and biochemical processes.


In Oceanography we study the oceans' physical and chemical properties, their origin and geologic framework, and the life forms that inhabit and interact with the marine environment and each other.