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Studenter i dykardräkt tittar på tång.
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Our Programmes

We have three Master's Programmes that are open to international students with a Bachelors degree or the equivalent: Marine Science, Sea and Society, and Physical Oceanography. We also have one Bachelor's Programme open for Swedish speaking students: Marine Sciences. We offer a dynamic and interdisciplinary setting, with students, teachers and researchers from all over the world. Our teaching is student-centred and done by active researchers. Problem-based field work plays an important part in our teaching.

Bachelor's Programme in Marine Science

  • The Bachelor's Programme in Marine Science is open only for Swedish speaking students.
  • It has a unique marine interdisciplinary start with two years of joint courses on, for example, marine organisms, coastal ecosystems, and sustainable management of the marine environment.
  • During the third year, you specialize in one of the marine subjects biology, chemistry, geology, or oceanography.

Master’s Programme in Marine Science

  • The interdisciplinary Master’s Programme in Marine Science incorporates oceanography, marine biology, marine chemistry, and marine geology, preparing you to become tomorrow’s problem solvers in marine sciences.
  • In comparison to a single-discipline programme like marine biology, our programme trains you to have stronger analytical power and a better equipped toolbox.
  • You will be in a strong position to solve the global challenges being caused by climate change and a growing population.

Master’s Programme in Physical Oceanography

  • The Physical Oceanography Master's programme offers the most comprehensive education in physical oceanography available in Sweden.
  • The programme is designed so that you first explore the main branches of Physical Oceanography, including theory, observation and numerical simulation, and later specialize according to your own interests.
  • The programme is designed for students with a Bachelor’s Degree in either Marine Sciences, or within the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Master's Programme Sea and Society

  • The Master's programme in Sea and Society is a programme for sustainable oceans.
  • The programme aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the interactions between the marine ecosystem and socio-economic systems of human society.
  • The programme will also give you an understanding of the many complex problems that today challenge the sustainable development of our use of the ocean, as well as new tools to meet these challenges.
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Master in Sea and Society – Meet the challenges

Q&A webinar about our programmes

Want to know more about our programmes? Watch this Q&A webinar with our Study Guidance.

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Webinar: Master's programmes in Science