Johan Edholm

Doctoral Student

Department of Marine Sciences
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 7B
413 90 Göteborg
Room number

About Johan Edholm

I’m currently a Research Assistant in the [Polar Gliders] research group in my home town at the University of Gothenburg. Previously I completed both my Bachelor's and double Master's degrees with the same research group, investigating the role atmospheric rivers play in adjusting surface buoyancy in the Southern Ocean.

I spent my childhood in the archipelago just south of Gothenburg, fishing, tinkering with boat engines, and solving everyday problems around the house. This has led to an intense curiosity for the ocean, what makes it work, and an interest in building things, from decks and stairs, to concrete roads, or small boats from scrap wood.

My research interests include the transfer of heat and momentum between the atmosphere and the upper ocean. In my work, I examine atmospheric weather systems and submesoscale ocean dynamics that can affect key climate variables over time and space scales. As a part of the Polar Gliders research group, we use a combination of observations from autonomous ocean robotics, atmospheric forecasting models, satellites and ship-based measurements.