Adele Maciute

Doctoral Student

Department of Marine
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 7B
413 90 Göteborg
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About Adele Maciute

I am highly interested in the ecology of the most abundant, diverse and yet vastly understudied aquatic organisms collectively termed as meiofauna. Thus, the goal of my PhD project (supervised by Stefano Bonaglia) is to investigate and quantify the contribution of these ubiquitous organisms to marine sediment functioning, namely nutrient cycling and benthic metabolism, in a range of ecosystems with a great focus on areas where meiofauna are the dominant eukaryotes such as rapidly expanding oxygen-deprived sediment of the Baltic Sea; relatively unexplored areas of the Arctic Ocean; and, possibly, the deep-sea. Hence my work is primarily based on field expeditions and sediment incubation experiments under controlled laboratory conditions. For my research I mainly use geochemical techniques (e.g. fine-scale profiling of chemical gradients using microsensors and isotope labeling) and molecular biology tools (e.g. amplicon sequencing, and possibly metagenomics).