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University of Gothenburg
Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer at the Proteomics Core Facility

Proteomics (PCF)

The Proteomics Core Facility (PCF) is a research infrastructure available to the researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University and Chalmers as well as external customers from other universities or industry. We are involved in approximately 300 projects per year.

The facility is equipped with high-resolution mass spectrometers. We offer different research support including study design, protein identification, characterization of post-translational modifications e.g. phosphorylation and glycosylation, and protein-protein interaction analysis. Global quantitative analyses of differentially expressed proteins are available using Tandem Mass Tag (TMT).
The Proteomics Core Facility has experience of sample preparation of a range of species and material such as tissues, cells, isolated cellular compartments, pull-downs, other biological samples, or expressed proteins. High pH liquid chromatography fractionation prior to nLCMS is used for in-depth analysis and to study lower abundant proteins in complex biological samples.
We provide comprehensive data analysis through a variety of database search engines (Mascot, Sequest) and software packages Proteome Discoverer, Byonics and MaxQuant.

Availability during COVID-19 situation

The Proteomics research support is still available. We are open for research support and are analyzing samples as usual. Please contact us via email before submitting samples. Customer meetings are limited and are mostly held as virtual meetings.


Since 2016 we are one of the nodes of the Swedish National Infrastructure for Biological Mass Spectrometry, BioMS. For example you can use services for Glycoproteomics and Glycomics. Please read more on the BioMS webpage.