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Do you want to know more about what it's like being a student at the School? Get in touch with our students and ask your questions. We have students from all over the world and you can write to them in several languages.

Anne de Silva

MSc. Accounting and Financial Management

Anne De Silva, Sri Lanka
You can write to Anne in English and Sinhalese

Zhou Xuan

MSc. Economics

Zhou Xuan, China
You can write to Zhou in English and Mandarin

Manfred Bergqvist

MSc. Finance

Manfred Bergqvist, Sweden
You can write to Manfred in English and Swedish

Lee Giove

MSc. Innovation and Industrial Management

Duyen Dinh, Vietnamn
You can write to Duyen in English, French and Vietnamese

Ruoxi Chen

MSc. International Business and Trade

Ruoxi Chen
You can write to Ruoxi in English and Mandarin. 

Carlos Heredia Alcaraz

MSc. Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship 

Carlos Heredia Alcaraz, Spain
You can write to Carlos in English, Spanish and Catalan

Ebenezer Agyapong

MSc. Logistics and Transport Management

Ebenezer Agyapong, Ghana
You can write to Ebenezer in English

Miriam Vlogger

MSc. Management

Miriam Volgger, Italy
You can write to Miriam in English, German and Italian

Zahra Bak

MSc. Marketing and Consumption 

Zahra Bak, Iran
You can write to Zahra in English, Persian and Turkish