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Goal 3 - Good health and well-being

Our research relating to Goal 3 is based on the many challenges facing human health, well-being and healthcare, both globally and nationally. This research covers a wide range of issues, from governance and organisational matters to questions about the cost-effectiveness of specific treatments.

These research issues relate to several different disciplines, such as management, organisation, health economics, law, economic history and innovation. The methods and approaches vary, but there is often a common empirical basis, studied in case studies, phenomena and behaviours that are important for human health and well-being. To understand current societal challenges, we draw on sources such as organisational and management theories, economic theories and legal perspectives.

The aim of our research is to contribute new knowledge and new perspectives, as well as applications for creating innovative solutions to existing problems, or to show which direction to take in difficult ethical positions and taking responsibility. Through research and collaboration between actors within academia, public administration and industry, we want to support sustainable societal development in the field of health and well-being.

Illuminating issues from different perspectives

Societal challenges relating to health and well-being are particularly suitable for interdisciplinary, interprofessional and cross-sectoral collaboration. Examples include technology-driven healthcare transformation, policy governance, the cost-effectiveness of specific medical treatments, implementing new medical technologies and incentive structures within healthcare.

Our research also highlights the importance of knowledge development that supports countries in their sustainability and effective governance work for healthcare systems. This includes the ways in which different actors can enhance their ability to develop and implement strategies for achieving the global goals relating to health by 2030.

Our research has potentially large effects on the health of the population and on the organisation and economics of society.

Examples of research areas:

  • Demographic change and its consequences for ageing and health.
  • Technology-driven change, digitalisation and robotisation.
  • The organisation of healthcare and its markets: information, digitalisation, remuneration systems and equality.
  • Innovation, leadership and change work within complex care environments.
  • Person-centred care and care of the future.
  • Ethical considerations and guidelines for prioritisations within healthcare.
  • The effects and cost-effectiveness of new medical technologies.
  • The importance of socioeconomic factors for health outcomes throughout life.
  • The importance of socioeconomic factors for health-related behaviour.
The symbol of SDG 3

Good health and well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

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