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WOMI network in Gothenburg 2023

WOMI Community - Workshops on Medical Innovation and Healthcare

WOMI is an international network of researchers who study innovation, entrepreneurship and the organisation of research and development in the context of healthcare organisations, medical devices and pharmaceutical industries and the broader field of medicine and life-sciences. Our WOMI network organizes an annual workshop, when the core group of researchers and other invited guests meet and discuss current issues within the field.

Why do we meet?

The purpose of the annual WOMI workshops is to bring together a core group of researchers, to discuss current research through extensive debate and discussion. The core group of researchers comes back year to year, and we also slowly expand and change the topics and participants.

Our workshops give us the opportunity to discuss early stage work and scientific papers on a variety of themes, including but not limited to:

  • Specifying the dynamics of medical innovation and innovation systems
  • Explaining innovation in health care organisations
  • Explaining cross-organizational collaboration and networks in science and innovation
  • Facilitating entrepreneurial activities and companies in life sciences and medicine
  • Developing education and innovation in hospitals and medical faculties
  • Analyzing and engaging in debate with public policy

What happens before and after WOMI?

Our papers from WOMI are later presented at large conferences, both as individual authors and when we organize a series of special sessions at the key conferences. Our papers presented at a workshop are later published in a variety of prestigious scientific journals. 

What is our focus area?

Our research is phenomena driven and we approach core topics in medicine and life-sciences from various academic traditions. We are also committed to novel empirical evidence and methods, as well as interesting theoretical explanations from  various academic traditions. Important traditions include economics of innovation/evolutionary economics, industrial economics, innovation studies, innovation and science policy, and science and technology studies.

How are we organized as an international network?

The WOMI network grew from close ties among researchers into a stable annual network and platform for the sharing of knowledge on scientific activities, methods, conferences, education etc. of interest to all. We are informally and non- bureaucratic organized, with a low budget but with strong and weak network ties. We organize a conference in December every year, in different countries, with a local organizer.