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Photo: Carina Berg

Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship are increasingly important for our welfare and we need new skills and competencies. We educate future leaders, in close cooperation with the business community, for them to gain a theoretical understanding and also practical skills in these subjects.

The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship conducts research and education in the field of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Assets.

The subject area deals with innovation processes with a focus on entrepreneurship and intellectual assets. More specifically, it focuses on the different determinants of innovation processes, the actors involved, and the related social and economic consequences.

The research on innovation and entrepreneurship aims to explain the correlation between, and to identify methods and strategies to promote, innovation and entrepreneurship in a societal and organizational perspective. Also the effects on individuals, organizations, businesses, institutions and knowledge due to innovation-related societal changes are analyzed.

The institute offers single-subject courses at both Bachelor´s and Master´s level, two Master´s programmes, and doctoral education.