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Studenter står och pratar på Piazzan,
Photo: Carina Gran

Education in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

As innovation and entrepreneurship become increasingly important for wealth and welfare, a new set of skills and competencies are needed. Not only do we have to push forward our theoretical understanding of these subjects, but new and practical skills have to be taught to future leaders in academia and industry.

Bachelor courses

We offer two courses within Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Bachelor level. Both courses are given in Swedish. You can, however, find the course syllabus in English on respective course webpage.

Innovation och entreprenörskap, 15 hp

Affärsplanering för tillväxtföretag, 7.5 hp

Master programmes

The Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers two masters programmes, conducted in English. Below you will find shorter information about the programmes as well as links to respective programme website, where you will find more information about the content, course syllabus and admission requirements.

The students in the MSc programmes in Innovation and Industrial Management and Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship have the possibility to apply for the Stena foundation's travel scholarship.