Photo of Lina Hartmann

Meet Lina: PhD student studying potential university - industry collaborations

After having completed the MSc programme in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship at the School of Business Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, Lina Hartmann continued her PhD education in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Management of Intellectual Assets at the same university.

Next to a hopefully steep learning curve within my research field, I am especially looking forward to an inspiring and intellectually stimulating work environment with my colleagues.

Photo of Lina Hartmann
Lina Hartmann

Lina is originally from Hamburg, Germany. She studied three years in the Netherlands and graduated with a BSc International Business from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, in 2021. She then continued her studies here in Gothenburg and completed her Master’s degree in 2023.

The title of her master’s thesis was “The impact of female entrepreneurship on a country’s innovative performance”.

- Since entrepreneurship has still been a traditionally male-oriented field, my colleague and I found it especially interesting to research and understand how female entrepreneurship influences innovation performance and how this might have changed over a period of 10 years, hereby analyzing 57 countries.

Why a PhD education?

Lina chose to pursue a PhD since the unit’s research focus is very connected with many of her own interests. The research areas which interest her the most concern innovation ecosystems, emerging technologies relating to innovation management (especially with regards to artificial intelligence), as well as knowledge-based entrepreneurship.

- During my studies, I have participated in a couple of venture-creation projects in an entrepreneurial incubation setting as well as establishing my own e-learning and study guidance company in Germany. So, I derive most enjoyment from engaging in scientific work that is focused on application-oriented science to solve real-world problems.

During the next years, she will focus on potential collaborations between university scientists and large firms.

- I expect to not only generate insights into how and why these collaborations can be improved, but also possible challenges and conflicts of interest that may arise along the way.

Lina is undertaking her doctoral education as part of Professor McKelvey’s Swedish Research Council Distinguished Professors’ Research Program on “Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Transforming society through knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship”, and will also be a part of the U-GOT KIES Research centre on knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystems.