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Mazzucato about Entrepreneurship and its role in value creation in this year’s Tore Browaldh lecture


Students in our Bachelor Program in Swedish (Samhällsanalysprogrammet) had the possibility to participate in this year's Tore Browaldh lecture Rethinking Value Creation - for innovation-led inclusive and sustainable growth, held by Professor Mariana Mazzucato, University College London.

Photo of Oskar Broberg
Oskar Broberg
Photo: Carina Gran

- Mazzucato’s lecture goes to the heart of entrepreneurship and its role in value creation – that it is not about technical gadgets and leveraged stock exchange valuations. Rather, the issue of entrepreneurship could, and should, be about what we as a society cherish as truly valuable and how we can get there if private and public interests build a productive common ground, says Oskar Broberg, associate professor in Economic History and member of GOT KIES.

Despite these difficult pandemic times, some positive effects are visible, in this case, that students and employees can participate in a digital meeting, which was clear I this case, when 400 participants attended the lecture. Mazzucato was invited for this exciting lecture, by Handelshögskolan, thanks to long standing professional contacts with the ES Department and our GOT KIES research network, lead by Professor Maureen McKelvey.

Watch the Tore Browaldh lecture 2020

You can watch the Tore Browaldh lecture 2020. The link is available until 17 November.

Mariana Mazzucato: Rethinking Value Creation – for innovative-led inclusive & sustainable growth