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Unit for Human Geography

Our subject area concerns how people, companies and regions develop in relation to the outside world. We study the geographical conditions, relationships and processes of change, and all the factors that influence the development of the society in different places around the world. We take a holistic approach to the development of the society - locally, regionally and globally.

Our courses look at how people, companies and regions develop in relation to their surroundings. We are interested in geographical conditions, relations and change processes. We study the diversity of factors which affect the development of society, the constructed environment and human culture in various locations around the world. In other words, we adopt a holistic approach.

This Unit provides courses on First Cycle (Bachelor) and Second Cycle (Master) level in human geography as well as in geography. We assist with courses for a number of programmes:

  • Logistics
  • European studies
  • Teacher training
  • Environmental social science (SMIL)
  • Bachelor and Master programmes in Geography

Our special courses in GIS (Geographical Information Systems) provide knowledge of how to process and visualise geographical information in a modern way. The unit carries out geographical research in a number of current fields: economic internationalisation and integration, environmental issues and environmental planning, regional development and welfare, communications and transportation, and poverty and development opportunities in various parts of the world.