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University of Gothenburg
Bild på fabrikarbeterskor, 1940
Photo: Karl Sandels Källa: Arbetarrörelsens arkiv och bibliotek

Economic and Social History

A profile area for research in economic and social history has during the last ten years been labour market history studies of, for example, wages, living standards, mobility and institutions. Studies of productivity and emigration have also been conducted. Some of the more recent projects relate to labour market and productivity issues, while others open new fields: socio-economic differences in diet and health, selection and migration and historical mortality in pre-colonial West Africa.

Ongoing research projects

Listed below are the ongoing research projects. All project descriptions are in Swedish.

Research funding

  • Swedish Research Council
  • Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
  • Forskningsrådet för arbetsliv och socialvetenskap
  • Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius Foundation
  • Stiftelsen Anna Ahrenbergs Foundation
  • Institutet för arbetsmarknads- och utbildningspolitisk utvärdering
  • Torsten Söderbergs Foundation