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Research in Economic History

Economic History in Gothenburg has implemented extensive research for many years now. This research is rooted, both theoretically and methodologically, in history and social sciences, and it provides long-term perspectives of the development of society.

The research at the Unit for Economic History has roots in history and social sciences and provides long-term perspectives on social development. The department has a professorship in Economic History (held by Klas Rönnbäck) and a professorship in Business History with support from Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg's foundations (held by Susanna Fellman). The research in Economic and Social history deals with themes such as wages, productivity, migration, living standards and health/mortality, and the economic history of slavery and colonialism, while research in Business History and Business History focuses on themes such as companies and markets.

The department has two visiting professors within the Visiting Professors Programme. These two are Martin Shanahan and Stephanie Decker. In addition, there are professors emeriti, associate professors, doctoral researchers and doctoral students. The total number of researchers amounts to about 25 people.

Contact Business History

Susanna Fellman
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Contact Economic and Social History

Klas Rönnbäck
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