University of Gothenburg
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Photo: Yolvin Pizan

PhD programme in Human Geography

The PhD programme in Human Geography aims to give the PhD students foundational training and in-deepth knowledge of Human Geography. The programme comprises four years of full-time studies and leads to a doctoral degree (240 higher education credits). Students may also obtain a licentiate degree (120 higher education credits) after two years of full-time studies.

Within Human Geography, there are three different research fields in which researchers cooperate. We study numerous geographical spheres: the role of space and place; development geographies (multiple areas), space-transcending networks, interactions and flows; landscapes and the environment. They all play important roles in understanding society, the economy and the everyday life of people in a world characterised by globalisation, uneven development, urbanisation, cultural dynamics and environmental concerns. Accordingly, the research activities at the department essentially concern the following themes:

  • Development Geographies
  • Mobility, communication and transport geography
  • Nature - society relations and landscapes

The PhD students will, during the programme plan and implement an individual research project, with support from individual supervising, as well as participate in courses, seminars, conferences and excursions.