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Research in Human Geography

We study geographic dimensions - the role of space and place; of space-transcending networks, interactions and flows; of landscapes and the environment. They all play important roles for the understanding of society, the economy and everyday life of people in a world characterised by globalisation, regionalisation, uneven development, urbanisation, cultural cross-over and environmental concern. Accordingly, the research activities at the department essentially concern the following themes: Development geography; Mobility, communication and transport geography; and Nature-society in a landscape perspective.

Development Geography

Currently the shared research interests in the group concern poverty and justice in the global South. We study global transformation processes and how these interact with and influence what takes place within poor countries at national level, as well as in local contexts and in people's everyday lives. Among our current research interests are; non-farm diversification and regional development; the politics of development assistance; land issues and policy; urban space and planning; corruption and violent conflict; tourism and poverty; ageing and livelihoods.

Contact Development Geography

Jonas Lindberg
Phone: +46 31- 786 4458

Mobility research group

Our research concerns the geographical dimensions of human mobility and accessibility, physical transportation and virtual communication in particular. Current projects concern how information and communications technologies affect people’s everyday life; urban/regional structure and travel behavior relationships; long-term societal implications of improved road access; gender and transport; the integration of sustainability dimensions in accessibility planning.

Contact Mobility

Eva Thulin
Phone: +46 31 786 4681

Landscape and planning

Deals with the interactions between society and environment from a landscape perspective and a spatial flow perspective. Ongoing research matters the use and valuation of the Swedish cultural landscape allowing for biodiversity, land-use conflicts within coastal zones, and the planning of wind-power locations. Other projects concern the diffusion of environmental policies within Swedish industry and their influence on various types of flows.

Contact Landscape and planning

Marie Stenseke
Phone: +46 31 786 1389