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Business History

One profile area within the subject of Business History here in Gothenburg is the study of cartels and competition policy in a historical perspective. Other topics that have been focused on in recent years are the changing conditions of the Swedish advertising market, press historical research, society's financialization, networks in business and the business elite.

Another important theme has been early credit markets in Gothenburg, and in particular the demarcation between formal and informal credit markets. The Gothenburg commercial houses have also been the subject of extensive research.

A new project analyzes digitalisation in the steel industry. In a comparative project, small companies and self-employed people in Finland and Sweden are studied during the post-war period and especially as part of regional policy measures. One area that is being established is history methodological issues, focusing on debates that are ongoing within the subject of Business History and especially the role of the business archive.

Research funding

  • Swedish research Council
  • Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
  • Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius Foundation
  • Torsten Söderbergs Foundation
  • Anna Ahrenbergs fond för vetenskaplig forskning
  • Adlerbertska Foundation
  • Carl-Olof and Jenz Hamrins Foundation
  • Finska Vetenskaps-Societeten