University of Gothenburg


About 100 people work at the Department of Economics as researchers, teachers and administrators. Our courses in economics and statistics are taught by highly qualified and dedicated teachers and researchers and the department is truly international, with staff from across the world.


Bigsten, Arne Professor emeritus
Development economics; International economics

Bolin, Kristian
Health Economics; Microeconomics; Economic Evaluation

Carlsson, Fredrik
Environmental Economics; Behavioral Economics; Microeconometrics;
Experimental Economics

Martin Dufwenberg Visiting Professor

Durevall, Dick, Senior Professor
Development Macroeconomics; International Economics; Food Markets; HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa

Hjalmarsson, Erik
Empirical Asset Pricing; Empirical Market Microstructure; Financial Econometrics; Time Series Econometrics

Hjalmarsson, Randi
Economics of Crime; Labor Economics; Law and Economics

Holmén, Martin Head of Department
Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance; Experimental Finance

Johansson-Stenman, Olof
Behavioral economics; Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Welfare Economics

Karlsson, Martin Affiliated Professor
Health economics

Kirchler, Michael Visiting Professor
Behavioral and Experimental Finance; Behavioral and Experimental Economics; Incentives and Social Comparison; The Efficiency of Markets

Kocher, Martin Affiliated Professor (on leave)

Lindahl, Mikael
Education; Family and Labour Economics

Martinsson, Peter
Behavioural Economics; Experimental Economics; Environmental Economics; Development Economics; Health Economics

Mitrut, Andreea
Applied Microeconomics; Health Economics; Labor Economics

Nordblom, Katarina
Public Economics (especially taxation); Behavioral economics

Olsson, Ola
Economic Growth, Long-run Development, Political Economy of Natural Resources, Development Economics

Roeder, Kerstin Visiting Professor

Sandelin, Bo Professor Emeritus

Stennek, Johan
Applied Microeconomics

Sterner, Thomas, Senior Professor
Resource Management in Developing Countries; Economics of Energy Use and Climate Change; Economics of Fisheries & Coastal Zone Management; Comparative Efficiency of Economic Policy Instruments in various Sectors

Söderbom, Måns
Development Economics

Van Vuuren, Aico
Applied Econometrics - Sample Selection Models; Labour Economics - Search; Economics of the Housing Market

Lecturers and Assistant Professors


Ahlerup, Pelle

Development Economics; Institutional Economics; Natural Disasters;
Ethnic Diversity; Democracy

Akay, Alpaslan
Behavioral and Experimental Economics; Economics of Happiness; Economics of Migration; Econometrics

Bergvall, Sanna
Labour Economics; Education Economics; Gender Economics

Boman, Anders
Health Economics; Labour Economics; Geographic Mobility

Carlsson, Evert
Pensions; Incentive Systems; Corporate Governance

Chen, Li
Microeconomics; Market Design; Industrial Organization

Congdon Fors, Heather
Development Economics; Institutional Economics; Child Labor; Political Economy

Coria, Jessica
Environmental Economics; Industrial Organization; Regulatory Economics; Applied Microeconomics

Dzemski, Andreas
Econometrics; Networks; Nonparametric Statistics

Eggert, Håkan
Resource Economics; Environmental Economics; Resource Management; Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Ek, Claes
Behavioral Economics; Environmental Economics; Public Economics; Applied Theory

Fang, Dawei
Corporate Finance; Micro Theory; Contests and Tournaments; Contract Theory

Farago, Adam
Financial Economics; Asset Pricing; Portfolio Choice; Behavioral Finance; Financial Econometrics

Herbertsson, Alexander
Applied Mathematical Finance; Applied Probability and Statistics;
Quantitative Finance; Credit Risk, Counterparty Credit Risk

Jiao, Xiyu
Econometric Theory; Empirical Processes; Outlier Robustness; Nonlinear Cointegration; Model Selection; Instrumental Variables

Kataria, Mitesh
Applied (Environmental and Welfare) Economics; Empirical Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics

Kjellsson, Gustav
Health Economics; Health Inequality Measurement; Applied Micoreconometrics

Köhlin, Gunnar Director of Environment of Development (EfD)
Management of Natural Resources in Developing Countries; Environmental Valuation; Impact Evaluation; Energy Economics; Sustainable Development

Lampi, Elina
Environmental Economics; Stated Preferences; Behavioral Economics;
Health Economics

Lindskog, Annika
Development Economics; Health Economics; Economic Demography; Education Economics; Behavioral Economics

Ljungwall, Christer

Löfgren, Åsa
Environmental Economics; Economics of Climate Change; Behavioural Economics; Industrial Investment Behaviour

Nadeau, Charles
International Finance; Financial Crises; Financial Market Regulation

Olme, Elisabet
Labor economics; Economics of education

Petri, Henrik
Corporate finance; Decision theory

Ranehill, Eva
Behavioural Economics; Experimental Economics; Applied Microeconomics.

Ruist, Joakim
Effects of and Attitudes to Immigration

Sundén, Mattias
Extreme Value Theory for Stochastic Processes; Incentives for Portfolio Managers

Tyrefors, Björn
Empirical Labor and Political Economics

Vecci, Joseph
Development Economics; Experimental Economics

Westergren, Kerstin

Xiao, Yun
Applied microeconomics;

Zeng, Ming

Zhang, Jian Hua
Corporate Governance; Executive Compensation; Asset Pricing;
Emerging Market Finance

Researchers and Postdocs

Bilén, David Affiliated researcher

Bindler, Anna
Labour Economics; Economics of Crime; Applied Microeconomics

Brilli, Ylenia Affiliated researcher

Dupoux, Marion
Environmental Economics; Experimental Economics; Microeconomics

Gustavsson, Mikael
Environmental modelling; Risk assessment of chemical mixtures; European chemical regulation

Isaksson, Ann-Sofie
Empirical Development Economics; Governance; Inequality; Aid; African development; Gender

Ketel, Nadine Affiliated researcher

Kovacs, Roxanne
Health Economics

Lameiras Vaz, João Manuel

Maican, Florin
Industrial Organization; Applied Econometrics; International Finance; Computational Economics; Applied Microeconomics

Pihl, Ariel
Labour Economics; Policy Evaluation; Applied Microeconomics

van den Bijgaart, Inge Affiliated researcher
Environmental Economics

Wikström, Jens
Health economics; Economics of social insurance

Zamojski, Marcin
Financial Economics

Zhao, Yuejun
Health Economics

Visitors at the department

Dannenberg, Astrid
Environmental Economics; Climate Economics; Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics

Dufwenberg, Martin
Game Theory; Behavioral Economics; Experiments

Kirchler, Michael 
Behavioral and Experimental Finance; Behavioral and Experimental Economics; Incentives and Social Comparison; The Efficiency of Markets

Kocher, Martin (on leave)
Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics; Economics of Sports; Evaluation

Okui, Ryo
Econometrics; Dynamic Panel Data Analysis; Model Averaging

Roeder, Kerstin
Political Economy; Family Economics; Health Economics; Environmental Economics

Administrative staff

Shamso Abdullahi
Study Administrator

Axel Bondemark (in leave)
Human Resources Officer

Malin Ericsson
Human Resources Officer

Annika Florin
Study Administrator

Katarina Forsberg

Mona Jönefors
Finance Officer

Agneta Kinnander

Emma Lövgren
Study Administrator

Jessica Oscarsson
Communications Officer

Maria Otterdahl
Administrative Manager

Margareta Ransgård
External Funds

Katarina Renström
Programme Coordinator

Ann-Christin Räätäri Nyström
Human Resources Officer

Christina Varkki
Study Administrator

Anna-Karin Ågren
Study Counsellor