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Hållbar utveckling är en integrerad del av både forskning och undervisning vid institutionen
Photo: Edvin Johansson

Our focus on sustainable development

Sustainable development is an integral part of both research and teaching at the Department of Economics. While research in development and environmental economics has sustainable development as a core focus, several projects in other areas are also relevant from a sustainability perspective.

Sustainable development in research

Our research related to sustainability covers a broad range of topics from health related issues such as socioeconomic impacts of HIV and AIDS, to selection and design of policy instruments for several different environmental and resource problems. This research is mainly performed within the fields environmental economics and development economics. On this page we present a selection of research projects related to sustainable development.

Sustainable development in education

We offer several specialisation courses with direct relevance for sustainable development on both undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels. Examples of such courses are development economics, environmental economics, policy evaluation, but also basic undergraduate courses, such as international and financial economics problematising globalisation and emphasising ethical considerations.

Multi-disciplinary research collaborations

Our researchers work in several major multi-disciplinary research programs related to sustainable development: on climate change, biodiversity (BECC), zero-carbon policy (Mistra Carbon Exit), antibiotic resistance (CARe) and chemical risk assessment (FRAM).

The Environment for Development Initiative (EfD) is a capacity building programme established in 2007 by parts of the Environmental Economics Group. It is a network of a dozen centers for cross-country research collaborations, research-policy interaction and academic training. The EfD Secretariat and administrative functions are hosted by the University of Gothenburg.

School strategy and collaboration

We work continuously with integrating sustainability in the courses offered by the department. This work is done in collaboration with other parts of the School of Business, Economics and Law.