Bo Sandelin

About Bo Sandelin

Degrees: Pol. mag., Lund University, 1968.Fil. lic., University of Gothenburg, 1973.Ekon. dr., University of Gothenburg,1977.

Positions: Different positions at Lund University (1968-1971), Stockholm University (1972), University of Gothenburg (1973-1999); professor of economics at the University of Gothenburg 1999-2009, guest teacher 2009-2014, senior professor 2014-2016.

Teaching: Taught in various fields of economics, for instance principles of macroeconomics, history of economic thought at the intermediate and advanced levels, and history of economic thought and methodology at the postgraduate level.

Fields of research: Originally theory of capital and investment (lic. thesis), economics of housing (doctor's thesis), economics of crime. During the last decades, history of economic thought.

Journal editor, member of editorial boards and the like: Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Board of Editors 1990—96; Ekonomisk Debatt, 1987—, Editor 1991-1992; European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Editorial Board 1993—2013; European Society for the History of Economic Thought Newsletter, Editorial Committee 1996-2003; the book series Studies in the History of Economics, Editorial Board 1988—.

Referee: Most of the reports have been for History of Political Economy, Journal of the History of Economic Thought, History of Economic Ideas, and European Journal of the History of Economic Thought.

Research areas

  • History of economic thought (c. 1975 - present)
  • Capital theory (c. 1970 - 1995)
  • Housing economics (c. 1973 - 1985)
  • Economics of Crime (c.1980 - 1985)

Teaching areas

  • Principles of macroeconomics
  • History of economic thought
  • Capital theory