Dick Durevall


Department of Economics
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 640
40530 Göteborg

About Dick Durevall

My research interest is mainly Development Economics. During recent years I have worked on various topics related HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. Another research interest of mine is food markets, particularly how food prices are determined.

Research areas

  • Development macroeconomics
  • Global health
  • Food markets

Teaching areas

  • Development economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Global health

Selected publications

Durevall, D. and A.S. Isaksson (2024). Aid and child health:A disaggregated analysis of the effects of aid on impaired growth. Forthcoming in World Development

Durevall, D. (2023) Gender Policy and Intimate Partner Violence in Colombia. PLOS ONE, 18(11),

Durevall, D. Cowden, R., Beckett, S...... Govender, K (2023). Associations of social support with sexual practices, health behaviours, and health outcomes among adolescent girls and young women: Evidence from a longitudinal study in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine,

Isaksson, A. S., and Durevall, D. (2023). Aid and institutions: Local effects of World Bank aid on perceived Institutional quality in Africa. The Review of International Organizations, 18, 523–551.

Govender, K., Durevall, D., Cowden, R. G., Beckett, S., (2020). Depression symptoms, HIV testing, linkage to ART, and viral suppression among women in a high HIV burden district in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: A cross-sectional household study. Journal of Health Psychology, 27(4), 936-945.

Durevall, D. (2020). Fairtrade and Market Efficiency: Fairtrade-Labeled Coffee in the Swedish Coffee Market. Economies, 8(2), 30.

Lindskog, A., & Durevall, D. (2020). To educate a woman and to educate a man: Gender‐specific sexual behavior and human immunodeficiency virus responses to an education reform in Botswana. Health Economics.

Durevall, D., Lindskog, A., & George, G. (2019). Education and HIV incidence among young women in KwaZulu-Natal: An association but no evidence of a causal protective effect. PloS one, 14(3).

Durevall, D, Lindskog, A., Intimate partner violence and HIV in ten sub-Saharan African countries: what do the Demographic and Health Surveys tell us? The Lancet Global Health, 3:1, s. E34-E43, 2015

Durevall, D, Loening, J.L., Birru, Y.A., Inflation Dynamics and Food Prices in Ethiopia. Journal of Development Economics, 104, s. 89-106, 2013.