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About Olof Johansson Stenman

My current research interest is largely about behavioral, environmental and public economics, and about exploring deviations from the purely selfish, rational and atomistic "Homo Economicus" where many papers include aspects of social comparisons or pro-social behavior. I am also interested in the economics of risk and uncertainty, health economics, transport economics, welfare economics, happiness research, ethics, and normative economics more generally.

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Research areas

  • Economics, behavioral economics, environmental economics, public economics, welfare economics

Teaching areas

  • Economics, behavioral economics, environmental economics, public economics

Selected publications

Mean Markets or Kind Vommerce? Journal of Public Economics, 2022, 209, 1-20, with Martin Dufwenberg, Michael Kirchler, Florian Lindner, and Rene Schwaiger.

A Note on Optimal Taxation, Status Consumption, and Unemployment. Journal of Public Economics, 2021, 200, 1-7, with Thomas Aronsson.

Paternalism against Veblen: Optimal Taxation and Non-Respected Preferences for Social Comparisons. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2018, 10(1): 39–76, with Thomas Aronsson.

Genuine Saving and Conspicuous Consumption. International Economic Review, 2017, 58, 1155-90, with Thomas Aronsson.

Keeping up with the Joneses, the Smiths and the Tanakas: On International Tax Coordination and Social Comparisons. Journal of Public Economics, 2015, 131, 71-86, with Thomas Aronsson.

Social preferences are stable over long periods of time. Journal of Public Economics, 2014, 117, 104-114, with Fredrik Carlsson and Khanh Nam Pham.

Positional Concerns in an OLG Model: Optimal Labor and Capital Income Taxation. International Economic Review, 51(4), 1071-1095, with Thomas Aronsson.

Risk Aversion and Expected Utility of Consumption over Time. Games and Economic Behavior, 2010, 68, 208-219.

Anonymity, reciprocity and conformity: Evidence from voluntary contributions to a natural park in Costa Rica. Journal of Public Economics, 2008, 92(5-6), 986-97, with Francisco Alpizar and Fredrik Carlsson,

When the Joneses' consumption hurts: Optimal public good provision and nonlinear income taxation. Journal of Public Economics, 2008, 92(5-6), 986-97, with Thomas Aronsson.

Measuring Future Grandparents’ Preferences for Equality and Relative standing. Economic Journal, 2002, 112, 362-83, with Fredrik Carlsson and Dinky Daruvala.