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Mikael Lindahl


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Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
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Box 640
40530 Göteborg

About Mikael Lindahl

Mikael Lindahl is Professor of Economics at University of Gothenburg. He is also affiliated with CESifo, IFAU, IZA and UCLS. He defended his thesis at SOFI, Stockholm University in 2000. He has since then had short- and long-term research positions at University of Amsterdam, SOFI at Stockholm University and Uppsala University. He was holder of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences special research position in Economic Sciences (financed with support from the Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg Foundation) 2010-2015 and of Torsten Söderbergs forskningsprofessur vid Handelshögskolan i Göteborg 2017-2020. His research interests are in the area of empirical labor economics, economics of education and intergenerational mobility. He has published in journals such as Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Literature, Review of Economics and Statistics, Economic Journal and American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. In 2010 he was awarded a five-year grant from the European Research Council (ERC starting grant 241161), for the program “Intergenerational associations in education, income and health: an investigation of underlying mechanisms.”

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Research areas

  • Education, Family and Labour Economics

Research in progress

  • , 2017-05 -

Teaching areas

  • Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics

Selected publications

The Causal Effect of Parents' Schooling on Children's Schooling
Holmlund, Helena, Lindahl, Mikael, Plug, Erik
Journal of Economic Literature, 49:3, s. 615-651, 2011

The Origins of Intergenerational Associations: Lessons from Swedish Adoption Data
Björklund, Anders, Lindahl, Mikael, Plug, Erik
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 121:3, s. 999-1028, 2006

Fighting Corruption in Education: What Works and Who Benefits?
Borcan, Oana, Lindahl, Mikael, Mitrut, Andreea
American Economic Journal-Economic Policy, 9:1, s. 180-209, 2017

Long-Term Intergenerational Persistence of Human Capital
Lindahl, Mikael, Palme, Mårten, Sandgren Massih, Sofia, Sjögren, Anna
The Journal of human resources, 50:1, s. 1-33, 2015

The impact of an unexpected wage cut on corruption
borcan, oana, lindahl, mikael, mitrut, andreea
Journal of Public Economics, 120, s. 32-47, 2014