Nadine Ketel

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Institutionen för nationalekonomi med statistik
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
Box 640
40530 Göteborg

Om Nadine Ketel

I am an assistant professor in Economics at the University of Gothenburg. Previously, I was a PhD Candidate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. I defended my PhD thesis in January 2016. Before starting my PhD, I completed the MPhil in Economics at the Tinbergen Institute.

My research interests are labor economics and educational economics. I study these topics mainly using natural and field experiments.

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  • Tillämpad mikroekonomi, arbetsmarknadsekonomi, utbildningsekonomi


  • Tillämpad mikroekonomi

Utvalda publikationer

Job-Search Periods for Welfare Applicants: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
Bolhaar, Jonneke, Ketel, Nadine, van der Klaauw, Bas
Working Papers in Economics (online), \, 2016

The Returns to Medical School: Evidence from Admission Lotteries
Ketel, Nadine, Leuven, Edwin, Oosterbeek, Hessel, van der Klaauw, Bas
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 8:2, s. 225-254, 2016