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University of Gothenburg

Doctoral courses

Doctoral courses at the Department of Economics.

First year doctoral courses 

Preparatory Mathematics, August, 10 hours
Katarina Nordblom

Mathematics, 7,5 credits, halfspeed, starts September 1st
Dawei Fang

Microeconomics I, 10 credits, halfspeed, starts September 8
Jessica Coria and Olof Johansson-Stenman

Econometrics I, 7,5 credits, halfspeed, starts November 8
Andreas Dzemski

Microeconomics II, 10 credits, halfspeed, starts November 9
Johan Stennek

Econometrics II, 7,5 credits, halfspeed, Spring 21
Erik Hjalmarsson

Macroeconomics I, 10 credits, halfspeed, Spring 21
Inge van den Bijgaart

Econometrics III, 7,5 credits, halfspeed, Spring 21
Mikael Lindahl

If you are a PhD-student at another Department or University and intrested in attending our courses please contact: Ann-Christin Räätäri Nyström, PhD Program Administrator