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Bridging the policy gap to materialize deep decarbonization

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Project period
2020 - 2024
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Department of Economics

Short description

There is a wide agreement that the current national and European environmental policy framework is not enough to spur much-needed technological responses, and that additional governmental support is needed to help Swedish industry achieve its deep decarbonization goals. Bridging the policy gap requires taking stock of the effects of current policies, evaluating their performance and improving their design, and assessing complementary policies that can enhance their effects. This is the aim of this research project: combining economic modelling, policy evaluation and simulations to identify the policy changes that are needed to materialize deep decarbonization with a special emphasis on the “harder-to-abate” sectors.


Åsa Löfgren (project leader), University of Gothenburg

Lassi Ahlvik, University of Helsinki

Jessica Coria, University of Gothenburg

Jurate Jaraite, Umeå University

Filip Johnsson, Chalmers University of Technology

Johan Rootzén, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Intitute

Inge van den Bijgaart, University of Gothenburg