In this project we study how financial markets react to climate policy events.

Financial effects of climate policy events in the energy sector

Research project
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Project period
2020 - 2023
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Department of Economics

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The transition to a fossil-free society is a major challenge for the entire financial sector. In this project, we study how financial markets and financial players act and react to climate change. A greater understanding is needed of the motives that drive private investors to make sustainable investments, and there is a need for better knowledge of how the entire market reacts to news about sustainability. Thus, we take two perspectives. We study the microeconomic foundations through studies of the factors that lead investors to make sustainable investments and by studying Swedish pension savers' opportunities to make socially responsible investments. We also examine the macro perspective through an analysis of the entire market's reactions to major climate policy events.


Thomas Sterner

Samson Mukanjari

Martin Holmén

Adam Farago

Michael Kirchler

Jens Ewald