University of Gothenburg

FRAM - Centre for Future Chemical Risk Assessment and Management Strategies

Chemicals have a great impact on many different parts of society

Welcome to FRAM, the Centre for Future Chemical Risk Assessment and Management Strategies! We work for a safe use of chemicals for both humans and the environment.

We are dependent on chemicals for our daily life. Industrially produced chemicals enable healthcare, food production, consumer products and infrastructure. The development goes fast, 40 new chemicals are registered every hour. The challenge is that chemicals also endanger human health and the environment. Unfortunately, no one today knows exactly how. Data on how toxic a chemical is, are in most cases missing. In addition, a mixture of chemicals is usually much more toxic than its individual ingredients. In order to ensure sustainable development in this area, FRAM focuses on chemical risk assessment and management of the combined effect of chemicals.

Video (36:03)
Using eDNA to understand environmental effects of chemical pollutants in Chilean fresh water systems
Video (55:40)
How much chemicals and plastics can the planet tolerate?


We investigate the environmental status, evaluate risks and develop management strategies for a safe use of chemicals.

Interact with us

We collaborate with Swedish, European and global partners in projects, workshops, case studies and in other activities. Our researchers engage in the public debate and are often requested as speakers in scientific and public events.


The University of Gothenburg arranges several programs on both Bachelor and Masters level that are relevant for the chemical risk assessment and management. We arrange courses on PhD level.