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Centre for Collective Action Research


The Centre for Collective Action Research, CeCAR, focuses on one of the most pressing challenges of today: Large-Scale Collective Action, LSCA. This is a challenge that needs to be addressed in order to overcome most of our current social, environmental and health problems.

Antibiotic resistance, over-fishing, ocean acidification and tax evasion are examples of current global societal challenges that we might prevent if we were all acting together. But how do we achieve that? To address this, it is not possible to rely exclusively on previous research primarily occupied with small scale collective action. Our research focuses on Large Scale Collective Action, LSCA and our main question is: Under which conditions does successful LSCA occur?

Research focus

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What Are Large-Scale Collective Action Problems?

"People have to sacrifice a little bit of their short term self-interest to help the world be a better place for the long term. And how you get people to do that, I think, is the most important research that can be done."

Ken Caldeira, Carnegie Institution for Science.