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Improvisation Performance, bachelor's programme

Bachelor's Programme in Music, with a specialization in Improvisation Performance

Bachelor’s programme
3 years
180 credits (ECTS)
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Full education cost: 867 000 SEK
First payment: 144 500 SEK

No fees are charged for EU and EEA citizens, Swedish residence permit holders and exchange students.

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The bachelor's programme in music specialising in improvisation is offered for all instruments. This programme caters to students wanting to develop their own style of improvising and their own compositions. Reflection on your creativity and your artistic choices is an important element, and you are encouraged to move towards increasingly independent musical expression and creation.

The programme is taught in English and Swedish.


Starting in the autumn of 2023, the programme will be international, which means that we are opening up to applicants without qualifications in Swedish language. The language of instruction will be, if required, English.

The goal of the education is to develop and inspire your personal artistry as an improvising and composing musician, as well as to give you the prerequisites required to gain a strong identity in today's music industry. You will have individual lessons in your main instrument, and great emphasis is on developing your ability to perform with others. The ensemble courses offer a wide field of improvisational music that often transcend genres. We start from a broad interpretation of the concept of jazz – as a language and historical context or as a mind-set, a musical gathering where we are in a state of constant motion and change.

In addition to your primary teacher, you may also receive instruction from teachers with expertise in other areas. With a small number of students admitted to each class (6-10 people), we can focus on the individual students through mentoring and elective courses: To a large extent, you shape your own education. Along the way, you can make changes and choose who you want as a teacher and what you want to focus on. The programme prepares you for a working life as a freelancer and it can prepare you for master’s level studies.

Programme structure and content

  • Main subject (90 HEC)
    The work of developing and artistically deepening your knowledge of your primary instrument takes centre stage, and you are given great opportunities to determine the direction of your own curriculum. The programme includes independent work as well as ensemble playing, in which you develop your personal musical language in collaboration with others. The thesis project (15 HEC) is integrated with the main subject.
  • Introduction to Musicality (67.5 HEC)
    Music theory in jazz and other genres, including your own composing, holds a prominent place, as does the history of improvisational music with a view to improvisation in other forms of music. The course is taught in part in project form, wherein knowledge of and experience with the improvisational musician’s range of working opportunities plays a prominent role. It includes courses in music theory, ear training, artistic immersion, music and society, ergonomics, future role as a professional, teaching music, multimedia and touring projects.
  • Elective course (15 HEC)
    You are afforded an opportunity for broader or more in-depth study in a variety of elective subject areas.

Who should apply?

The bachelor's programme in music specialising in improvisation is offered for all instruments. This programme caters to students wanting to develop their own style of improvising and their own compositions. The programme is taught in Swedish.

Prerequisites and selection


General entrance requirements for university studies. Special qualifications in the form of musical knowledge and skills is assessed at the admission test. The admission test is also the basis for the selection of eligible applicants.

Special instructions for application

Find detailed information about the admission tests for our Bachelor's Programme in Music, with specialization Improvisation.

More information about Special instructions for application


Selection of eligible applicants is based upon entrance tests.

After graduation

The programme is intended to offer preparation for a professional career as a musician specializing in improvised music. In addition the programme is to provide students with the tools needed to enable communication with cultural circles in the surrounding community, knowledge about prevailing conditions in the free-lance sector and contacts in this network.


The Academy of Music and Drama operates from four locations in Gothenburg: Eklandagatan 86, Åvägen 24 (Brewhouse), Vasagatan 50 (HDK-Valand) and Triörgatan 1 (Andra stället).

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Exchange opportunities

Our regular partners and institutions for the Improvisation courses at bachelor's and master's level

  • Norwegian Academy of Music, NMH Oslo, Norway.
  • RMC, the Rhythmic Conservatory, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Conservatorio Arrigo Boito di Parma, Italy.

Special project partners:

  • Royal Academy of Music, London, UK
  • Kim Won Gyun University of Music, Pyongyang, DPRK
  • The Arctic University, UiT, Tromsø, Norway
  • Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland
  • Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, LMTA, Vilnius, Lithuania