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Organ and Related Keyboard instruments, master's programme

Master of Fine Arts in Music with Specialisation in Organ and Related Keyboard Instruments

Master’s programme
2 years
120 credits (ECTS)
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Full education cost: 482 000 SEK
First payment: 120 500 SEK

No fees are charged for EU and EEA citizens, Swedish residence permit holders and exchange students.

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The master’s programme in Music specializing in organ and related keyboard instruments gives you the opportunity to continue your organ studies at an advanced level, including solo repertoire, improvisation, and ensemble music. As a student, your studies will be integrated with keyboard instruments traditionally related to organ repertoire and improvisation, such as the piano, fortepiano, harpsichord, harmonium, and clavichord. You should present an idea upon application that will be the basis for your master’s project.


The programme focuses on the organ as an instrument for solo repertoire, improvisation, and ensemble music. You will study at the Academy of Music and Drama, a unique environment with committed and competent teachers and students. Here, you will have exceptional instruments at your disposal. In addition, you will have access to the University of Gothenburg's own baroque organ in Örgryte New Church as well as other interesting organs in the Gothenburg area.

Develop your own artistic idea

Our programme offers a unique feature: as part of your application, you will present an idea that will be the basis for your master's project. This idea will be a thread through your studies, integrated with repertoire playing, organ improvisation, and studies related to keyboard instruments including the clavichord, harpsichord, fortepiano, and French harmonium. You choose what you want to immerse yourself in, based on your prior knowledge, specialization, and artistic goals. 


We have strong connections to ongoing research, and if you seek further studies, our programme qualifies you to apply for doctoral programmes. Each year the programme participates in the International Organ Academy, where leading musicians and researchers from around the world gather. You will participate in individual lessons in organ interpretation and improvisation and related keyboard instruments as well as group lessons. Our master seminars focus on teaching the organ as a mirror of time. Furthermore, there are courses supporting research strategies and academic writing, where you will develop the ability to create and execute your own ideas with your own personal expression and to identify, formulate, and solve artistic and creative problems.

Programme structure and content

Organ Interpretation and Improvisation

Half of your study time consists of organ playing and problematizing instruments and sounding practice from different perspectives.

Independent Project

You will conduct a study based on the questions you formulated in your application. The work, spread over four courses, leads to a completed, artistically reflective report that includes audio or video documentation—or alternatively a self-produced score or the equivalent—as well as a written reflective text.

Related Keyboard Instruments

These courses consist of instruction on five alternative instruments: the harpsichord with continuo playing, harmonium, piano, clavichord, and fortepiano.

Master Seminar

Our seminars follow the theme of the organ as a mirror of time and contextualizes instruments and sounding practice from different perspectives, including aesthetics, music history, and theology.

Who should apply?

Are you trained on the organ or related keyboard instruments and want to continue to hone your craft and expand your training to include the clavichord, harpsichord, fortepiano, and French harmonium?

Do you want to develop your potential for professional activities that demand considerable autonomy, or for research and development work?

Then apply for the master’s programme in Music specializing in organ and related keyboard instruments.

Prerequisites and selection


Bachelor degree of arts in music or equivalent, and musical knowledge and skills that are assessed at the admission test and are the basis for selection. 

Special instructions for application

Find detailed information about the admission tests for our Master of Fine Arts in Music with Specialization in Organ and Related Keyboard Instruments.

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Selection of eligible applicants is based upon entrance tests.

After graduation

Graduates of the programme receive the degree Master of Fine Arts in Music with specialization in organ and related keyboard instruments. The education prepares you for a professional life as an organist both nationally and internationally. Completed programme gives eligibility for postgraduate studies with specialisation in musical performance and interpretation.


The Academy of Music and Drama operates from four locations in Gothenburg: Eklandagatan 86, Åvägen 24 (Brewhouse), Vasagatan 50 (HDK-Valand) and Triörgatan 1 (Andra stället).

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