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University of Gothenburg

Ongoing research projects at GPCC

Person-centredness is the point of departure for all our research projects. These are all of our ongoing research projects in alphabetical order. Click on the project’s title to visit its web page.

Effects of an Opioid Free Person-Centred Care Pathway for Patients undergoing Obesity Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Exploring documentation in a person-centred care pathway for persons with chronic health conditions

Following the process of person-centered care at a medical emergency ward in a Swedish hospital – patients’ and health care professionals’ perspectives

HOPE – Help Overcoming Pain Early

IHOP-e - Integrating Health promotion with and for Older People-eHealth

IMPROVE - Implementation, organisation, leadership and governance of person-centred care

Medicines taking – a person-centred approach

MOSAIC – a Rasch analysed item bank to measure person-centred care

myCode - digital tools for emotional support during and after cancer treatment on young adults’ terms

National and regional governance of person-centred care in Sweden

PCPC Person-Centred Psychosis Care

Perhit - PERson-centredness in hypertension management using information technology

Person-centred care as an evolving field of research: A mixed-methods systematic review project

Person-centred care for care providers

Person-centred care in European countries – stakeholders, practitioners and researchers perspectives

PROTECT - Person-centred care at a distance

STEPSTONES-DIAB: Transitional care models for adolescents with Type 1 diabetes

Support for a Person-centred Care Toolbox

Swedes view on personcenteredness in Swedish health care

Will it nudge: A feasibility study of PCC nudging to increase uptake of PCC practice