University of Gothenburg

Ongoing research projects at GPCC

Person-centredness is the point of departure for all our research projects. These are all of our ongoing research projects in alphabetical order. Click on the project’s title to visit its web page.

Certification opportunities of standard for patient participation in healthcare

Connecting macro, meso and micro levels to develop person-centred care

Conversation with the patient about life in connection with serious illness

Development and application of a standardized follow-up model for people after stroke, using the Post-stroke checklist

Development and testing of an observation-based method to assess person-centred care

Digital home monitoring after lung transplantation

EAPER-P Early, accessible, person-centred rehabilitation for people with long-term pain

Effects of an Opioid Free Person-Centred Care Pathway for Patients undergoing Obesity Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial

FaciLitating Implementation of Person-Centred Care - the FLIP-project

Foresight! Person-centred Health and Care

Health economic aspects of person-centred care

IHOP-e - Integrating Health promotion with and for Older People-eHealth

Implementation and evaluation of an educational intervention in person-centred care in a midwife education program in DR Congo

IMPROVE: Implementing person centred care – Process evaluation of strategies, leadership and health economy

Involvement of frail older people in research

More home dialysis for health, quality of life and cost containment through a person-centred approach

Learnings from five controlled trials of person-centred care

Legal governance to enable person-centred care

LGBTQ persons perceptions on person-centred care on Twitter

Medicines taking – a person-centred approach

MOSAIC – a Rasch analysed item bank to measure person-centred care

myCode - digital tools for emotional support during and after cancer treatment on young adults’ terms

Myths and conceptions about person-centred care

PAS-SAP – My Pain Survey – for support and partnership

Patient and public involvement in health care: A systematic mapping

PCC@Work – A person-centred approach to health and social care: how does it affect staff’s work-related health and job satisfaction?

Perhit - PERson-centredness in hypertension management using information technology

Person-centred Care and Disasters

Person-centred care as an evolving field of research: A mixed-methods systematic review project

PicPecc – Pictorial support in person-centred care for children

PROMISE - Person-centred care via e-Health for people with mental illness

PROTECT - Person-centred care at a distance

Stepstones-DIAB: Transitional care models for adolescents with Type 1 diabetes

Stepstones-Implement – Transfer from pediatric to adult care. Implementation of a person-centered transition program for adolescents with long-term conditions

Support for a Person-centred Care Toolbox

Swedes view on personcentredness in Swedish health care

The Gothenburg Pituitary Tumour Study (The GoPT-study)

The PCC game and the online education programme Mutual Meetings - development and impact

Transition towards person-centred care – evaluation of a leadership program

Young adult survivors of childhood cancer - through the lens of a person-centred approach