Digital home monitoring after lung transplantation

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Transplantations Centre, Sahlgrenska Universitety Hospital, Region Västra Götaland, Instutute for Health and Care sciences, University of Gothenburg

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Persons who have had a lung transplant have the most complex follow-up routines of all organ transplant recipients, the reason is that the lungs suffer from more complications and has the worst long-term survival. The purpose of the follow-up is to find early signs of complications. Therefore, the recipient needs to be examined often at the transplant clinic. It is very important that the patient adheres to guidelines and the immunosuppressive medication is taken regularly for the rest of their life. Deviations from this can lead to increased suffering and significantly shortened life. Participation in care has shown increased adherence, which for this patient group has the potential to prolong life. The research project intends to systematically evaluate perceived effects of digital home monitoring after lung transplantation.

This project is affiliated with GPCC.


Jesper Magnusson, MD, PhD, Chief Physician, Lung Medicine/Transplantation Unit, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Anette Lennerling, RN, MSc in Nursing, PhD, Associate Professor, Diagnostics, Acute and Critical Care, Institute for Health and Care sciences, University of Gothenburg

Kristine Kappelin, Specialist Nurse, Transplantation Centre, Sahlgrenska University Hospital