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Centre for Person-centred Care - GPCC

Person-centred care meeting with elderly patient, relative and two different care professionals.

Welcome to The University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care - GPCC!

In person-centred care, patients are seen as persons who are more than their illness. Person-centred care is based on a partnership between patients and those working in health care. The point of departure is that the healthcare personnel listen to the patient's story. Within the narrative the person's prerequisites, resources and obstacles are identified, which, together with other examinations, are used to write a health plan together. All health care, care and rehabilitation can be person-centred.

GPCC is a national interdisciplinary research centre which was established in 2010 with the support of the Swedish Government's strategic investment in research (SFO).

At GPCC more than 150 national and international researchers gather from various fields to collaborate in some thirty different research projects and groups. They investigate person-centred care, rehabilitation and care in various medical conditions, as well as the organisation of person-centred care and issues regarding implementation and education. We also have several advisors, including a Person Council for patients and relatives.

We have evaluated the effects of a person-centred approach in a number of studies in different types of health care. Our studies have shown cost savings and positive effects for patients and staff.

Our vision is sustainable health through sustainable care: To prevent and reduce suffering, and strengthen the efficiency of health care through person-centred care.