The PCC game and the online education programme Mutual Meetings - development and impact

Research project

Short description

Within GPCC, innovative approaches and prerequisites for education are constantly sought, as a means to improve teaching and learning and ultimately patient care and outcomes. Digital education can be such an innovation, and it can be provided in various forms. For this project we have used serious games as well as gamification. Serious gaming has the potential to reach a global audience and has thus been identified as a possible educational strategy that can contribute to the transformation of education in health professions. GPCC has developed two different digital tools which are available in English globally to spread knowledge about and facilitate the implementation of person-centred care in co-creation with the target audience. We will now scientifically describe the process and study the effect of these tools.



Principal Investigator

Catarina Wallengren Gustafsson


Ida Björkman

Caroline Feldthusen

Mari Lundberg