University of Gothenburg
Prepared follow-up


Strokehälsa™ is a validated questionnaire to be filled in by the patient before a follow-up visit after a stroke.

The newly developed tool Strokehälsa™ [Stroke Health] is based on the validated instrument Post-Stroke Checklist. Strokehälsa™ is available in a digital version via 1177 and a written version. The patient answers fourteen questions and is offered information about health problems after a stroke. Strokehälsa™ can be used before a consultation (distance or physical meeting).

Strokehälsa™ has been developed in a co-design process in close collaboration with patient partners and potential stakeholders. By the aid of Stroke Hälsa™ both patients and healthcare professionals can prepare for active participation at the visit. The evaluation of the project is ongoing. Versions in different languages and picture support can be downloaded here: