Involvement of frail older people in research

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The aims of this project are: 1) to explore facilitators and barriers for involving older people living with frailty in health and social care research, and 2) to investigate how barriers can be overcome to co-create structures for person-centred care with this group. The project comprises six studies that involves frail older people, health and social care staff, and researchers in ageing and health. The long-term goal with the project is to support the transition towards person-centred health and social care through the development of a structure for how frail older people can be involved in research in a way they experience as both meaningful and relevant. In the project we use individual interviews, focus groups and photo elicitation interviews to co-create guidelines for involvement of frail older people in research.

Overarching goal

The project is multidisciplinary and affiliated to the Centre for Aging and Health, AgeCap and the Gothenburg University Centre for Person-Centred Care, GPCC

The overarching goal is to contribute to GPCC’s research areas:

  • Enabling transition to person-centred health and social care
  • Development of partnerships between patient representatives / the general public and healthcare organizations


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Research partners

Lund University
Kristianstad University
Linnaeus University
La Trobe University
The University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-Centred Care (GPCC)
Centre for Aging and Health (AgeCap)



Research groups members

Isak Berge, doctoral student

Roar Hermanssen Østby, doctoral student

David Edvardsson, researcher

Sara Hultqvist, researcher

Maria Haak, researcher

Emmelie Barenfeld, researcher

Synneve Dahlin-Ivanoff, researcher