University of Gothenburg
Collage of screen shots from the CostCares 2021 conference


Senior Professor Inger Ekman, former GPCC Centre Director, is chairing CostCares, which is a COST Action involving 28 European countries that aims to design, evaluate and secure financing for different healthcare systems, and to test person-centred care in different countries in Europe with different health care systems.

The aim of the experimental healthcare systems is to generate data on how future healthcare should be developed to deliver high quality care and at the same time be affordable for individuals and society. Read more about CostCares here.

The picture above is a collage from the digital conference held in March 2021 with the aim of developing a new working plan for person-centred care. Link to more information about the conference and recording that can be viewed on CostCare's YouTube channel.

We Care

CostCares is a continuation of We Care which was also chaired by Inger Ekman. The aim for WeCare was to formulate a plan for how research and innovation in healthcare can contribute to high quality care and reduced healthcare costs.

The project resulted in a document called We Care Strategy Plan and R&D Roadmap. Information about this was published in The Lancet and BMJ. More about The We Care project, and links to the Roadmap document and articles.

Person-centred Patient-Public-Private Partnership PCP4: Testbeds for person-centred care

PCP4 is a collaboration platform for person-centred partnership in Sweden. Within the platform, research, education and implementation will be organised and institutionalised in collaboration between universities, patients, healthcare decision-makers, staff and the business community. Read more about PCP4 here.

South Africa – Sweden University Forum (SASUF)

Researchers from GPCC are collaborating with researchers in South Africa in a project that will help children communicate symptoms from their own perspective. The purpose is to facilitate person-centred care. This collaboration takes place within the framework of South Africa – Sweden University Forum (SASUF). SASUF started in 2018 as a strategic internationalisation project with the overall aim of strengthening the ties between Sweden and South Africa in research, education and innovation. Read more about GPCC's collaboration with South Africa here.

The International Community of Practice for Person-centred Practice (PcP ICoP) 

PcP ICoP is an international community, mainly of academics who are interested in advancing knowledge in the field of person-centred practice. Note here that ‘practice’ is taken as being in any field: care, education, research, management, policy and so on. The ICoP is hosted by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh and co-ordinated by Professor Brendan McCormack. Click here for further information about ICoP.

The International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)

GPCC was a "knowledge partner" to the conference 20th International Conference on Integrated Care which was organised by The International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC). IFIC have also published a video blog by GPCCs Axel Wolf about the European standard for patient participation in person-centred care.