IMPROVE: Implementing person centred care – Process evaluation of strategies, leadership and health economy

Research project
Active research
Project period
2018 - 2024
Project owner
The Institute of Health and Care Sciences

GPCC – Center for person-centred care, Dalarna university and Region Dalarna

Short description

IMPROVE consists of two sub-studies that focus on the work to support the introduction of more person-centred care (PCV). In IMPROVE I, the change process is studied as part of the development work in the organization and in IMPROVE II facilitation is tested as a strategy to support the implementation of PCV. The project is a collaboration between researchers at Dalarna University and the University of Gothenburg and performed in collaboration with Region Dalarna. The overall aim is to increase the knowledge of strategies to support work for more person-centred care as well as whether these strategies lead to changes in staff behavior. The project also aims to increase knowledge on how policy decisions regarding person-centred care are perceived at different management levels and health-economic aspects of the work.

Research group

Lars Wallin, University of Gothenburg and Dalarna University

Malin Tistad, Dalarna University

Helena Fridberg, PhD student, Dalarna University

Catarina Wallengren, University of Gothenburg

Henrietta Forsman, Dalarna University

Hanna Gyllensten, University of Gothenburg

Amanda Jacobsen, PhD student, Dalarna University

Anna Bergström, Umeå University

Anna Cristina Åberg, Dalarna University

Eric Carlström, University of Gothenburg

Kristina Rosengren, University of Gothenburg