University of Gothenburg

BDC Events

The Bioinformatics and Data Centre is involved in organizing workshops and seminars in collaboration with other players in the bioinformatics field.

5th annual GOTBIN workshop: Local bioinformaticians network event. 2020-2nd December. Co-organized with GOTBIN 

BCF Open House 2021: Presentations from BCF staff showcasing some applications of our expertise. Free consultation and a lottery of 2X4 hours of free project consultation.  2021 5th May.

4th annual GOTBIN workshop: Local bioinformaticians network event. 2020-10th December. Co-organized with GOTBIN 

Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop 2019: Annual meeting point for PhD students and postdocs working with any kind of bioinformatics, computational biology, etc. within Sweden. 2019-21st-22nd October. Co-organized with GOTBIN

Software carpentry workshop: The workshop covered the core skills needed to be productive in a small research team. June 11-12, 2018. Co-organized with the Nordic eInfrastructure Collaboration 

3rd annual GOTBIN workshop: Local bioinformaticians network event. 2018-5th December. Co-organized with GOTBIN 

2nd annual GOTBIN workshop: Local bioinformaticians network event. 2017-8th June. Co-organized with GOTBIN 

Case studies in Biomedical Research, seminar: Local researchers present their research where bioinformatics analyses were involved. 2017-12th October 

1st annual GOTBIN workshop: Local bioinformaticians network event. 2016-6th December. Co-organized with GOTBIN 

How to analyse NGS & Microarray data with Parket, workshop: 2016-30th November-1st December  

Case studies in Biomedical and Medical Research, seminar: Local researchers present their research where bioinformatics analyses were involved. 2016-3rd May 

ThermoFisher next generation sequencing and its applications in the clinic, seminar: Local speakers and company representatives talked about the current research using the Ion PGM system. 2015-4th November 

NGS Seminar Series: Clinical Genetics together with BCF talked about the local status of the NGS workflow. 2015-Oct-Dic 

Qiagen Bioinformatics Ingenuity Variant Analysis workshop: 2015-23rd September 

Illumina NGS and its applications in the clinic: Local speakers talked about the current research using the Illumina system. 2015-21st April 

Applications for RNAseq: Use cases, seminar: Local speakers and company representatives talked about how they have used RNAseq data in their research project. 2014-21st October 

CLC workbench seminar: Ingenuity Systems presented their CLC Genomics Workbench platform that supports and integrates into a typical NGS workflow. 2014-20th February 

IPA and IVA Seminar and Hands-on workshop: 2013-4th December 

Open lectures in Bioinformatics: National and International Invited speakers discussed topics within NGS data analysis. 2013-9th-18th October. 

Bioinformatics opening day: An opportunity to meet with the BCF staff and learn how BCF can help researchers with their projects. Top scientist at the University of Gothenburg presented their research and their interaction with the Bioinformatics Core Facility. 2013-17th April 

Ingenuity Variant and Pathway Analysis seminar: Ingenuity System presented IVA (variant analysis) and IPA (pathway analysis) web applications to gain insight into the biological effects of gene expression changes, build dynamic pathways and prioritize, filter and annotate variant lists. 2013-20th February 

NGS: Case studies, seminar: Researchers at the University of Gothenburg showed how Next generation Sequencing (NGS) has been useful in their research. 2013-6th February