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Find the expert in Economic History

Are you looking for a person with specific expertise, please see the list below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Kajsa Folmeus Strandberg, Communications Officer, for further information and guidance. Kajsa Folmeus Strandberg: +46(0)31-786 1454 or

Business History

Oskar Broberg, Senior lecturer
Malin Dahlström, Researcher
Susanna Fellman, Professor
Martin Fritz, Professor emeritus
Per Hallén, Senior lecturer
Jenny Högforsen, PhD student
Sverker Jonsson, Professor emeritus
Birgit Karlsson, Professor emeritus
Mathias Krusell, PhD student

Macroeconomic History

Christer Lundh, Professor
Anna Missiaia, Senior lecturer
Svante Prado, Senior lecturer
Jens Boberg, PhD student

Labour Market and Migration

Debora Birgier, Visiting Research Fellow
Jesper Hamark, Researcher
Suvi Heikkuri, PhD student
Ann Ighe, Senior lecturer
John Lapidus, Researcher
Christer Lundh, Professor
Svante Prado, Senior lecturer
Klas Rönnbäck, Professor
Stefan Öberg, Researcher

Agrarian and Environmental History

Staffan Granér, Senior lecturer
Carl-Johan Gadd, Professor emeritus

African Economic History

Happy Kondwani Ngoma, PhD student
Klas Rönnbäck, Professor
Dimitrios Theodoridis, Researcher