Stefan Öberg


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Viktoriagatan 13
41125 Göteborg
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Box 625
40530 Göteborg

About Stefan Öberg

I am a researcher and teacher at the Unit for Economic History. I am doing research on historical demography, with a focus on the long-term trends in height and health, and social history related to the interplay between working life and the household. I currently teach courses in introductory statistics and a long-term history course focused on the production, distribution and consumption of food. I am currently funded by a Wallander post-doctoral scholarship and is working in the project “Socioeconomic dimensions of diet and health during the 20th century: A longitudinal study” (funded by the Swedish Research Council, 2016–2019, PI Christer Lundh). I am also working on a project on the social history of Gothenburg funded by the Anna Ahrenberg foundation.

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Research areas

  • Economic History
  • Historical Demography
  • Anthropometrics
  • Public Health
  • Nutrition

Research in progress

Teaching areas

  • Introduction to statistics/econometrics
  • Food history
  • Development Economics