Debora Birgier


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Viktoriagatan 13

About Debora Birgier

I am a scholar interested in the interplay between migration and inequality, with a special focus on labor market dynamics.

My current research agenda involves examining what is known as educational-occupational mismatch from a gender perspective across Europe, with the aim to understand the mechanisms that shape migrant-women's marginalization in the labor force. I am also involved in a project examining emigrant selectivity. This project focuses on Swedish emigrant, and aims to evaluate to which extent the characteristics of Swedes who emigrate differ from those who remain.

My dissertation project focused on the economic assimilation of immigrants from a household-level perspective. The project investigated how immigrant-families' economic assimilation differs depending on individual characteristics of migrant-household heads and spouses in the US and Sweden, two countries that differ substantially in their welfare and migration policies, labor market structures, and levels of income inequality. I find that the focus on individual migrants provides us with an over-estimated, biased picture of migrants' economic assimilation and that reception context has a vital role in shaping immigrant families' labor-market performance and overall well-being.

Previously I have dealt with immigrants' self-selection patterns and their economic assimilation from an international perspective, gender inequality in the Israeli labor market, and the effect of immigration on natives’ wages.

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Research areas

  • Migration and Ethnicity
  • Labor markets
  • Income inequality
  • Family demography

Teaching areas

  • GM1208 - International Migration. 7.5 Credits - Master course