Martin Fritz

Professor Emeritus

Visiting address
Viktoriagatan 13 plan 6
41125 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 625
40530 Göteborg

About Martin Fritz

Martin Fritz is professor emeritus in Economic History. He earned his doctorate in 1967 at the University of Gothenburg, and has since been associated with the university as a researcher and lecturer. He has also been a member of the University's board of directors and was the University's Vice-Dean for a number of years in the 1990s.

Martin's doctoral dissertation investigated the very significant breakthrough for Swedish iron ore exports in the years around the turn of the 1900s. The interest in the mining industry, as well as the Swedish iron and steel industry, continued and resulted in a number of publications. Martin Fritz has also worked on various aspects of Gothenburg's economic history.

He is currently engaged with industry experts in Metallurgy (MSc in Metallurgy) to analyze the continued restructuring of the Swedish steel industry during the 2000s, because of increasing global competition in this area.

Research areas

  • Swedish industrial History
  • Economies of the second world war
  • Local Economi History (Göteborg)

Teaching areas

  • General Economic History